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Community Grants Program - 2022 Application Package

Intake #2


  • The application for this in-take period is due June 10, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.
  • It must be received by email, fax, or mail. 
  • Applications will be reviewed for completeness, accuracy and compliance with these guidelines. Incomplete applications will be returned with a list of additional information required.
  • Applications will be presented by staff to the 2022 Community Grants Working Group for consideration and evaluation. Assessing applications against the eligibility and evaluation criteria, the group will prioritize recommendations.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to Committee of the Whole for discussion, and Town Council for approval. Community Grant awards may be reduced in value, at the discretion of Council, in order to support a wider range of applicants.
  • Notification to every applying organization will follow.
  • Funds for this intake must be spent by December 31, 2022

Prescott Community Grants are intended to support not-for-profit and volunteer-driven organizations serving Town residents through limited financial support, user fee reductions, and/or in-kind supports. The Town of Prescott provides these grants in order to assist groups with the delivery of services which reduce social, economic, cultural, or physical disadvantage, and/or improve the quality of life for residents.


1. Projects – Organizations can apply for one-time funding related to a specific project of significant benefit to the Town of Prescott. Demonstrated benefit could be cultural, social, humanitarian, environmental, recreational, an economic impact, increase community participation or education, and/or enhance the image of the Town.

2. Enhancement of Organization Effectiveness and Service – This category will assist with start-up funding or provide support/development funding for:

  1. Internal training programs/personal development opportunities for members (i.e. coaching clinics, certification programs, skills and techniques workshops, etc.)
  2. Equipment needs (training equipment, program equipment)
  3. Travel to participate in provincial, national, or international activities necessary to the work of the organization
  4. Expansion of an organization’s services

3. Service/Program Delivery – To support the on-going provision of a program or service.

4. Community Events – This category of funding will assist organizations planning to host events (festivals, concerts, tournaments, conferences, workshops, etc.) open to the Prescott community. The event should be educational, celebratory, or provide an activity that would not otherwise occur in Prescott without the applicant providing it.


The following activities will not be eligible for funding:

1. Flow through funding (where the intent is to redistribute the funding to others)

2. Religious or political activities

3. Activities deemed to be discriminatory

4. Debt retirement, depreciation costs, retroactive or deficit funding

5. Expenses that have already incurred

6. Invitational or discretionary travel


In-kind supports refer to non-monetary contributions from the Town of Prescott toward the applicant’s project, enhancement, service, program, or community event. These supports may include:

1. Use of municipal property at reduced or no cost

2. Waiving of permit fees

3. Municipal staff support

4. Use or loan of some Town-owned equipment material (i.e. photocopying). Volunteers from your organization may be required to assist staff in providing in-kind support (i.e. picking up materials).

In-kind support contributions may be requested with or without financial contribution requests.

Organizations requesting in-kind support must meet the eligibility requirements and submit the application as set out in this document.

Organizations should keep in mind that facility rates are already subsidized by property taxation. Efforts to seek other sources of funding, such as sponsors, are encouraged.

User fees for permits and facility use are intended to offset the operating costs of each municipal facility, service, or department. All approved in-kind contributions are funded by taxpayers. As such, the Town of Prescott tracks revenues and expenses associated with all approved requests. When Council approves a fee reduction, an equivalent amount will be charged against the Community Grants budget and file, and the revenue will continue to show in the operating budget as revenue for that facility. Where an inkind support involving municipal staff and/or equipment is approved, the equivalent operating cost will be funded by the Community Grants budget and file.


The organization applying must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Your group is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, an organized, unincorporated, non-profit organization. Examples - service clubs, volunteer groups, educational institutions, sports groups and associations, and community groups providing services to the municipality.

2. Your organization:

  1. Is governed by a volunteer board or executive committee of 5 or more members 
  2. Holds an annual general meeting, at which the Board of Directors or executive committee is elected from the general membership through a democratic election process
  3. May submit only one application per funding in-take period

3. Is based within Town of Prescott and/or provides services to residents of Prescott.

4. Has sources of funding other than this grant

5. Has a bank account registered in the name of the organization or event. Cheques will not be issued to individuals acting on behalf of the organization, project or event.

An application by an individual may be considered if the request is for an activity that cannot be brought forward by a community organization who meets the application requirements, or when applying for support toward a new, first-time initiative, project, or community event.


The Town of Prescott assumes no responsibility for the activities of the organization of group, and takes no responsibility for dealing directly with vendors on behalf of the organization.

All organizations with a successful Community Grants application are required to ensure adequate levels of property and general liability insurance naming the Corporation of the Town of Prescott as an additional insured. The determination of insurance levels is at the sole and unique discretion of the Town of Prescott, either through the CAO’s office or by Council resolution.


There will be two (2) in-take periods per year. Generally, applicants are encouraged to apply in only one in-take, to cover requests for the year. Application deadlines will be published annually, typically occurring in December and May. At the first in-take, 85% of the funding will be allocated, and the remaining 15% at the second in-take.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in the application not being considered:

1. Application must be complete and legible

2. Submitted prior to the deadline of June 10, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

  1.  Mail: Corporation of the Town of Prescott, Attn: Nancy Lavallee 360 Dibble Street West, P.O. Box 160 Prescott, Ontario, KOE 1T0
  2. By Fax: Attention: Nancy Lavallee, 613-925-4381 
  3. By Email: Nancy Lavallee,


The following criteria will be used to evaluate each application:

1. Demonstrated need for the service, activity, project, program or event in the community

2. Number of local residents served, and duration of activity

3. Ability of the organization to carry out the proposal and achieve desired outcomes (established track record, well developed proposal)

4. Clear goals and expected outcomes

5. Uniqueness of service (no duplication of service; may complement existing service)

6. Number of local volunteers

7. Level of community involvement and/or community partnerships

8. Evidence of financial need for a community grant

9. Addressing barriers to services for Prescott residents at disadvantage

10. Ability to sustain initiative at the end of the funding period

11. Level of community response and ongoing support to the organization, project, enhancement, service, program, or community event


Organizations will be notified by mail or email by the Finance department or designate; the letter will indicate whether the applicant was successful, or not; and identify the total amount of fund and/or in-kind support awarded.


Notification and acceptance will take place after the annual municipal budget process. The Town of Prescott budget process timelines can vary, and applicants need to take into account that approvals may not be granted in a time that suits the particular needs of the organization, project, or event.

The Town of Prescott may at any time wish to verify the approved funding and therefore a site visit or further information may be required. If the organization has not spent the funds by December 31, 2022 for the specific approved use, the funds are to be returned to the Town of Prescott.

The successful recipient will keep proper books and records of the grant received, project activities and of all expenditures using grant funding. A report identifying how the funds were used is required to be submitted to the Town of Prescott by December 31, 2022.

Within two months (60 days) following the completion of the project, enhancement, program or event, the approved applicants must also submit a post-project report which explains all costs and revenues, and outcomes, or how the funds or in-kind supports were used as benefit to the Town of Prescott. Failure to submit this information may result in the refusal of future grants to your organization. Please describe project outcomes, such as number of those benefiting from the project, attendees to an event, economic impact, etc. If your financial report indicates a profit, please describe how these funds will be used.


Any contributions made by the Town of Prescott through funding or in-kind support shall be acknowledged on any promotional material, websites, and social media site. I.e. “Supported by the Town of Prescott ”


The applicant acknowledges that any information or documents provided by them to the Town may be released pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This acknowledgment shall not be construed as a waiver of any right to object to the release of any information or documents. The applicant should familiarize themselves with all provincial legislation and regulations, Town by-laws, and policies or such other matters that may affect their proposal.

Applications will be reviewed in an open, public meeting format of Committee and Council.

2022 Community Grant Application - Intake #2

Amount Received (if applicable) from the Town of Prescott in:



Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif


Please describe in detail the intended use of the funds that are being requested.  


Proposed Use of In-Kind Contributions

Please provide a comprehensive list of all in-kind requests you have for Town of Prescott Resources (i.e. photocopying, use of a park or facility at a reduced cost, road closure permit, advertising assistance, use of materials such as barricades or trash receptacles, municipal staff time, etc.) 

Additional Informaiton Required

This informaiton is required for all applicants, regardless of grant funding or in-kind request amount. Applicants are able to upload files below. 

  1. Financial Statement for the most recent year end. Statements must include a Balance Sheet (all assets and liabilities, including cash reserves) and an Income Statement.
  2. An Operating Budget for 2021 and 2022. If you have included activities that are part of this grant request, please also note requested financial support from the Town of Prescott as a potential revenue source.
  3. List of current board members and positions. 

Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif



  1. In the event that the funds are not used for the project, enhancement, program, service, or event as described in this application, or if there are any misrepresentations in this application, the full amount of the grant may be payable forthwith to the municipality.

  2. Should there be any changes to the project, enhancement, program, service, or event as presented in this application, the organization must notify the Town of Prescott of such changes through the Treasurer.

  3. The organization will make, or continue to make, attempts to secure funding from other sources as indicated in its application.

  4. The organization will keep proper financial records of all receipts and expenditures related to the project, program, service, or event. Within 2 months (60 days) of project completion, a report will be provided by the organization to the Town of Prescott summarizing the outcomes and benefits of the provided funding or support. 

  5. The organization will make available for inspection by the municipality, or its auditors, all financial records of the organization upon request from the municipality. 

  6. If the project, program, service, or event as outlined in this application does not occur, is not completed, or does not require the full amount of the municipal grant, the remaining amount is to be return to the Town of Prescott.

  7. The organization will acknowledge the support provided by the Town of Prescott in all marketing materials and on its website/social media sites.

  8. The organization will send in a financial report by December 31, 2022 to show how the funds were used, and if any are remaining.


I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is accurate, complete, and endorsed by the organizaiton that I represent. The organization below accepts the conditions of this grant as outlined above.

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